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You want to BE ON AIR so that you can

  • Demonstrate your expertise to the masses.

  • Instantly solidify your brand's credibility.

  • Exponentially increase your earning potential.


In this in-depth and entertaining mastercourse you will unlock the secrets of the TV industry and learn step-by-step how to be “a no-brainer” for television producers to book YOU!

This is the most comprehensive course for Experts, Coaches, and Entrepreneurs who want to BREAK THROUGH IN AN EPIC WAY!


You’ve tried pitching yourself– but that's just shooting darts!

You've had a random guest appearance, but can't figure out how to get booked again!

You've tried hiring someone before and found out the hard way that publicists are just a money pit that give you poor ROI!

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It’s enough to make you want to give up.

But you WILL NOT!

You are here and I’ve created this course to help you!

I know how committed you are to  getting results. 


You have watched people you follow online elevate their businesses and brands by making media appearances.

For a long time you may have thought they were chosen because of luck. 

That may be the case for one-time appearances.

But you ARE HERE because you want to be the go-to expert in your niche for TV producers!

The TV news industry is like an exclusive club that can be very hard to get in. It’s intentionally set up like a mystery too complicated for those outside of it to figure out.

And most publicists and marketing agents HAVE NEVER WORKED INSIDE OF A TV NEWSROOM OR SHOW. They depend on their relationships with producers. (Which is important, but there is way more to it than that!)

This is the ultimate master course that will walk you through the entire process of what it takes to be a trusted guest that TV producers are excited to book on their shows!

If you’re ready to use the power of your story to be on TV and become the recognized expert in your niche

This course unpacks detailed strategies with unprecedented access from the gatekeepers who can help you become their go-to TV guest.

Here’s what is in the master course: 

And much, much more – this master course gives you everything you need to carve out your space as a go-to TV guest expert! 


I will help you overcome the biggest hurdles you'll face for getting on TV.


  • Having show bookers saying “we need you on our show!
  • Confidently sending pitches to your own database of TV producers.
  • Planning monthly segments for your regular spot on a local or national show.
  • Waking up to find new emails from new potential clients because they “saw you on TV“.

PLUS, When you’re the most recognized expert for your niche, you become the person that clients are willing to pay more for! Cha-Ching Videos - YouTube


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Insider tips from my veteran producer friends who have booked hundreds of guests for ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and more.


How to set up your home studio, including my tips on how to wow producers who book you with a professional background no matter where you are - even if you are traveling. 


Booked & Busy - steps for nailing your interview segments EVERY TIME.


The exact formula I used to set up my portfolio website that has earned me 5 and 6 figure opportunities.

You’re not where you want to be —but, that changes today!

By the time you complete this master course:

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My friends and I are sharing more than a hundred years (100+) of experience combined as TV news producers, reporters and executives and you can learn these secrets packaged in this master course.

Frequently Questions

It’s nearly impossible for you to actually do the work and end up in the same place. In all honesty, if you sign up but don’t attend the coaching calls, set your goals, and committed to achieving them everything taught will be ineffective.

You are not required to take any courses. You will receive all lessons for you to take on-demand. Success of the course is dedicating time to watch and then do the work. Best strategy is to plan this out over the course of one month.


Due to the personal commitment on my end this program might be more expensive than traditional classes but that is because you get more access to insider information from working TV industry professionals than other classes.

Our courses are offered via a course delivery platform. The community is available via Facebook groups. If you have a computer or a smartphone you’re good to go.

Our courses are applicable to everyone, some content refers specifically to tools and options available in the US which you can easily research if you are outside the US. 

You will be billed a one time charge. 

When you purchase our courses, you have lifetime access to the content, as well as access, to any updates or new content added to your course.

Yes! We offer a no questions asked refund if you request it within 72 hours after purchasing and as long as you have not accessed any of the content. You can read more about this in our guidelines.

Once you have received the information you cannot give it back or “unsee” it. You will have received access to our valuable intellectual property and materials and therefore THERE ARE NO REFUNDS AND THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REFUND ON THIS PROGRAM WHATSOEVER.

This will be the year you become who you have always wanted to be!

Remember, you don’t have to be perfect, and there’s no perfect time to start. You just have to be committed, determined and to show up for yourself!

YES! Pre-register for the $100 discount

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BE A TV GUEST EXPERT (pre-launch)

Authority master course where industry secrets are revealed by veteran journalists who work inside top local and national newsrooms and shows.

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How this Course will work.

You take the course on-demand

All of the lessons in this course are pre-recorded. Once the course is launched,  you will have  immediate full access to all  modules, the course workbook, the downloadable swipe files, and all of the templates and activities included. 

There is no start date

You can start taking the course whenever you want, and work through the material at your own pace. But, the most effective method recommended is to carve out an hour a day for four weeks to work through the course material and methods.

Meet Your Instructor

meet dayvee 1

Dayvee Sutton is a national TV correspondent and top requested guest expert for several of your favorite programs, including Dr. Oz, NBC/TODAY, CNN, The Weather Channel and more. With more than 20 years experience as a broadcast journalist, she still actively works inside one of the top national newsrooms. And now she is sharing her insider secrets in a series of online courses for those who have the big dream of becoming an on-air personality.


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