The Ultimate DIY Home TV Studio Guide

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Unlock the secrets to effortless at-home video broadcasting with our comprehensive guide, designed for brand and business owners of all levels. From setting up a professional-looking set in any space, including small corners or entire rooms, to a curated gear list for all budgets and a travel go kit for on-the-go broadcasting, this guide equips you to create a set that connects with your audience seamlessly, wherever you are.



As a brand or business owner, speaking to your audience on video is the new standard. But, it’s easier than ever because even professional broadcasting has gone virtual. 

Instead of spinning your wheels and WASTING TIME trying to figure out where to film in your home and what gear to use, this guide will walk you through how to set up your at-home set. You’ll walk away knowing how to create a professional-looking set for every situation – for spaces as small as just a dedicated corner in a room to building out a studio in a spare room or basement. Included is an updated tried-and-tested gear list for all budgets, ranging from basic tools and apps to semi-professional equipment. You’ll also learn the perfect travel go kit, so you continue your broadcasting schedule even if you’re on a trip.  

What you get

  • The Ultimate DIY Home TV Studio Guide
  • The digital download PDF
  • Access to the resource list


What you’ll learn

  • How the Pandemic changed the industry and created more opportunities for you
  • Why backgrounds matter
  • The fundamentals to creating a set
  • Choosing the right background
  • Building your home studio from basic to semi-professional
  • What to take when you travel
  • Bonus tips for broadcasting at home
  • Access to our recommended gear list for all budgets


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